The Main Library of the University of Opole (UO) is the greatest library in Opole Province. The Library is a welcoming and friendly place for everyone willing to use its holdings. It supports students and staff in their academic and didactic work. The Library network consists of 11 specialist libraries, and whose resources answer the educational needs of the university faculties and departments.

The Library offers access to both printed and electronic books and periodicals. The profile of the resources covers the fields of study and types of scientific research conducted at the University of Opole. Thanks to the Library catalogue it is possible to search for and order books via the Internet and to check the status of one’s library account. Polish and foreign electronic books platforms and journal databases are key sources of up-to-date knowledge. The students and staff are able to use the electronic resources outside the University by means of HAN system.

The Main Library holds 649 old prints coming from Polish and European publishing houses between the 16th and 18th centuries, and a collection of manuscripts from the 19th and 20th centuries, including official documents from the region of Opole Silesia: church documents, school records, documents on the history of education, biographies, letters, and literary works. Archival materials include, among others, the archive of “Rodlo”, a Union of Poles in Germany, a collection of documents of “Independence and Democracy”, a Polish immigrants association in London, as well as underground publications (books and periodicals issued between 1978 and 1989) donated by the KARTA Centre Foundation.

The Library is a member of the Silesia Digital Library and shares valuable publications from its holdings with Internet users free of charge.