American Chemical Society Publications is a database focused on electronic journals published by the American Chemical Society under a consortium license.

Access to the database is provided only for employees and students of the Faculty of Chemistry of the UO. Others interested can use the database in the reading room of the Library of Exact, Natural and Medical Sciences.

Since 2011, the site has been providing the access to 61 journals from the ACS Web Editions (i.e. ACS Central Science and ACS Omega open journals – starting with the year 1996) and the ACS Legacy Archives (containing older archival annual volumes – list of titles in the ACS 2020 license). ACS Web Editions journals are subject to archiving rights. The exception is the C&EN Global Enterprise journal (formerly C&EN Online) with the annual volumes from 2016, available only during the license term.

The 2001-2011 annual volumes of journals from the ACS Web Editions have been archived in the ICM on the Infona platform. The resources from the following years will be successively archived. The metadata of ACS articles on the Infon platform can be freely searched and viewed, and with use of the “read online” function full texts can be read.

List of journal titles

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