Art & Humanities Citation Index is an abstract and bibliometric database –  “citation index” – in the field of humanities and fine arts.

It encompasses more than 25 disciplines:

  • art,
  • architecture,
  • history,
  • archeology,
  • literary studies,
  • linguistics,
  • folklore,
  • philosophy,
  • religions,
  • theatre,
  • movie,
  • radio/tv.
  • musicology.

The collected data comes from over 1,300 of the world’s most important journals in the field of humanities: articles, introductory columns, reviews, notes, letters, etc. In addition, the database contains articles on humanities, published in over 7,000 interdisciplinary journals. 100,000 new bibliographic descriptions are added to the database annually.

The database is used for searching bibliographies of scientific works and the content of professional journals. Its great feature is also the possibility to search for citations of scientific works in the articles contained in the database.

Rules for using the license (Polish)

User Guide (Polish)