Emerging Markets Information Service EMIS Intelligence REGION – a database in the field of economics. It contains comprehensive information from over 9,000 publications on developing markets, including Poland. It provides access to economic, financial, political, macroeconomic and legal news, financial statements of public and private companies, industry reports, industry statistics, data and macroeconomic analyzes.

List of countries included in the EMIS Region website:

A) Central Europe:

  • the Baltic Republics: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia,
  • Belarus,
  • Czech Republic,
  • Hungary,
  • Poland,
  • Russia,
  • Slovakia,
  • Ukraine.

B) Southeast Europe:

  • Bulgaria,
  • Moldova,
  • Romania,
  • Serbia,
  • Turkey,
  • Balkan Peninsula: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Slovenia.

EMIS database provides access to selected Polish newspapers and magazines, including: Gazety.pl, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, Dziennik Polski, Parkiet, Puls Biznesu, Rzeczpospolita, Newsweek, Wprost or Forbes. It contains both current and archival information(from the last 20 years).

Website access rules (Polish)


Basic guidance materials:

User Guide in English

Flyer in Polish

How to get access to the daily press in the EMIS database? – Manual in Polish

Efficient Search – Tips in Polish


Guidance materials on more advanced functions of the EMIS database:

  • Email Alerts option – allows you to set up notifications about new data or financial statements published by private companies (type of the notification can be selected individually by the user). Instruction in Polish.
  • Since 2018, StockWatch has been the source of financial data for listed companies (replacing Notoria Online). These data are available from the company’s profile on EMIS. The data can be displayed and downloaded (in a semi-annual/quarterly cycle) with the option “Interim included”, only if the financial statements have been submitted by the entity and are officially available. Instruction in Polish.
  • Starting from the beginning of July 2018, each user who wants to download data is required to create an individual user profile (Instruction in Polish for creating a profile). Creating a profile will involve providing personal details along with an email address at the university’s domain. If the user does not have a university email, a different e-mail address can be entered. E-mail addresses from domains such as .gmail, .yahoo will not be accepted by the system.
  • Reports and financial data of Polish companies come directly from the eKRS [National Court Register]. They can be found in the profiles of individual companies or in “KRS – Dokumenty sprawozdań finansowych” [“KRS – Documents of financial statements”]. Any company profile updates are saved to the EMIS database within hours of changing the corporate registry.