The Lex Akademia is a legal information system by Wolters Kluwer Polska. The University of Opole provides access to the Optimum online version of Lex Akademia which means the access to resources for an unlimited number of users in the network of the University of Opole and all authorized users of library account logging in with the HAN authentication system.

LEX Akademia includes:

  •  database of legal acts, i.a.: Journal of Laws, Polish Monitors, departmental journals, voivodeship journals, corporate acts (higher education), bills, EU journals, judicature of Polish and EU courts, administrative judicature, official letters;
  •  Monuments of law;
  •  Gloss;
  •  explanation of judgments (European law);
  •  judicature lines – analysis of judicature, database of original studies;
  •  Legal and Economic Guide (all notations in the KRS – National Court Register);
  •  Comments on Public, Civil, Labor and Criminal Law;
  •  Monographs on Public, Labor, Civil and Criminal Law;
  •  Premium online magazines – over 40 titles constituting a base of articles, comments, reviews, columns and other legal press materials published in legal journals by Wolters Kluwer;
  •  three systems of law (criminal procedural law, civil procedural law and labour law);
  •  Polish Legal Bibliography of the Polish Academy of Sciences;
  •  Healthcare module;
  •  Construction module;
  •  Public Orders module;
  •  Navigator Administrative Proceedings;
  •  Briefcase – a tool for collecting and organizing documents, creating notes, printing selected documents, sending documents to a selected e-mail address.