MasterFILE Premier is a multidisciplinary database, designed specifically for public libraries. It provides full texts of almost 1,700 popular science publications dating back to 1975. The thematic scope of MasterFILE Premier includes nearly all areas of knowledge: business, health, education, science, cultural studies and many others. The database also includes full-text versions of about 500 reference books, over 164,400 source documents as well as an image collection of over 502,000 photographs, maps and flags. MasterFILE Premier provides access to PDF archives of such journals as: American Libraries, Foreign Affairs, History Today, Judaism, Library Journal, National Review, Saturday Evening Post, etc. The database is updated daily via EBSCOhost.

Time range of the collection: 1975-present

Rules for using the license

User Guide – EBSCOhost Multi-Search Engine for EBSCO Scientific Databases (Polish)