Polska Bibliografia Lekarska [Polish Medical Bibliography] is a database created by the Dział Bibliografii Medycznych Głównej Biblioteki Lekarskiej [Medical Bibliography Department of the Central Medical Library].  It registers Polish scientific, clinical and professional literature in the field of medicine and related sciences, i.a., health care organization. It also contains popular literature in the field of health education. The database contains information about monographs and unpublished doctoral and habilitation dissertations in the GBL collections.

It has been maintained automatically since 1979 and updated every 3 months. Currently, the Polish Medical Bibliography has nearly 400,000 records and is one of the largest field-of-science-oriented bibliographies in Poland. The registered data comes from over 1,900 Polish and foreign journals. Abstracts of documents in Polish and English have been entered into the database since 1991.

Searching the database can be carried out with the use of any significant element from the bibliographic description, e.g. descriptor-keywords, words from the title and abstract, journal title, year of publication, etc.