Wiley Online Library is a full-text database of 1,405 peer-reviewed journals from the John Wiley & Sons publishing house (with archives since 1997). It collects resources in the field of, i.a. chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science, biology, psychology, medicine, economics and sociology.

Information on the national license:

  • Previously unavailable titles from the CHEM series (CHEMBIOCHEM etc.) were included in the national license in 2019.
  • The national license does not provide access to about 100 journals made available on the Wiley platform for the benefit of various scientific societies (the sheet “Titles out of collection” in the Full Collection 2019 file).

List of available titles – Full Collection 2019
* The file also contains a sheet with 126 Open Access and Free titles

Electronic books collection by Wiley – for more informations see the table

Wiley in Poland – portal with additional information and links to Wiley resources under the national license (in Polish).


Platform User Guide

Presentation about the platform

Terms of use (license excerpt) – Polish