InCites is a tool for analyzing scientific achievements of institutions and comparing their effectiveness in the field of science. It was developed on the basis of information contained in the Web of Science Core Collection. The tool is intended for scientific and research institutions and can be used for identification and management of scientific and research activity, analyzing its effectiveness, benchmarking with other institutions, partnership, cooperation or promoting. Authors can use the tool so as to define and determine the impact of their own scientific achievements, create a cooperation network, search for sources for publication and define trends in selected areas of scientific activity.

In order to get access to InCites, one must have a personal account on the Web of Science platform. The account can be created by selecting the “Sign In” option in the menu and then “Register”. Note: users who already have a personal Web of Science account should log out of the Web of Science account before entering InCites for the first time, clear the browser data, and then log in directly via the InCites website, entering the login and password for the Web of Science personal account.

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